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SP Didkovskiy Stanislav Leonidovich Sochi Grape 116 a INN 550301464241 Bin 1027700132195 The name of the Bank SOUTH-WESTERN BANK of SBERBANK BIK 046015602 Q. Account 30101810600000000602 Account 40802810830060007964

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  • Payment and details

    Payment methods By bank card Payment methods PAYMENT BY BANK CARD To select payment for accommodation services using a card on the corresponding page of the website (booking form), click the "card payment" button. Payment is made through the authorization server of the bank's processing center using bank credit cards of payment systems: VISA International MasterCard Worldwide VISA International - MasterCard Worldwide DESCRIPTION OF THE DATA TRANSFER PROCESS To make a payment, you must provide your plastic card details. The transfer of information is carried out in compliance with all necessary security measures. The data is transmitted only to the bank's authorization server via a secure channel (SSL 3.0 protocol). The information is transmitted in encrypted form and stored only on a specialized server of the payment system. Your confidential data is completely protected. No one, including the booking system, can receive them. When working with confidential data, the information protection standard created by Visa and MasterCard payment systems — PCI DSS is applied. The data transfer technology guarantees security through the use of encryption protocols, Verified by Visa and Secure Code technologies. verified-by-visa secure-code DESCRIPTION OF THE PAYMENT PROCESS When choosing the form of payment using a plastic card, the payment for the order is made immediately after its registration. After completing the application for accommodation, click on the "Card Payment" button, and the system will switch you to the authorization server page, where you will be asked to enter the details of the plastic card, initiate its authorization, and then return to the booking form. After you return to the booking form, the system will notify you of the authorization results. If authorization is confirmed, your order will be automatically executed in accordance with the conditions you set. In case of refusal to authorize the card, you will be able to repeat the payment procedure. WHEN CANCELING AN ORDER In case of cancellation or reduction of the reservation after the payment has been made, you can order another hotel service for this amount, or return the entire amount to the card by writing an email beforehand . The refund is made to the card from which the payment was made earlier. In accordance with the selected tariff, payment terms may vary. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the information about the tariffs in advance when choosing. ARRIVAL AT THE HOTEL Upon arrival at the hotel, individuals must present a receipt with a bank note on payment and a passport of the cardholder, if the payment was made by bank card. PAYMENT BY VISA BANK CARDS All types of VISA payment cards are accepted for payment, with the exception of Visa Electron. In most cases, the Visa Electron card is not applicable for payment via the Internet, except for cards issued by individual banks. You need to find out about the possibility of paying with a Visa Electron card from the issuing bank of your card. Payment by VISA bank cards PAYMENT BY MasterCard CREDIT CARDS All types of MasterCard are accepted for payment on the website. Payment by MasterCard credit cards WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: your credit card number; expiration date of your credit card, month/year; CVV code for Visa cards / CVC code for Master Card: 3 last digits on the signature strip on the back of the card. CVV code If there is no CVC / CVV code on your card, then perhaps the card is not suitable for CNP transactions (i.e. transactions in which the card itself is not present, but its details are used), and you should contact the bank for more information. *The confidentiality of the personal information provided is ensured by Sberbank of Russia PJSC. The entered information will not be provided to third parties, except in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Bank card payments are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the VISA Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl payment systems.